The Coolest 5 Areas of London to Work In

London, a bustling multicultural metropolis of over 10 million people, is recognised as a hub for business and finance.

So if you are lucky enough to have an office-based business in the city, or are a freelancer, where is the best place to base yourself?

In this blog, we take a look at five trendy areas of the city where you could set up shop.

1. Hammersmith

Formerly the home of the BBC Television Centre, Hammersmith has grown to become a ‘media mecca’ of sorts. Not for the number of media companies in the West London district, but because of the ‘media types’ that live there. Ideally placed just outside of central London, out towards the headquarters of media giants such as Sky and ESPN, Hammersmith is a location where you can bump into all kinds of journalists, PRs and television people, making it desirable for businesses in those sectors.

2. Soho

Another media hub, Soho has long represented one of London’s most fashionable districts; with all manner of boutique shops, hipster eateries and buzzing nightspots crammed into this part of the West End. You can also find a thriving community of digital agencies and start-ups – so if you can find the space and afford the rates, put Soho on your ‘to work list’.

3. Shoreditch

If there is one district of London which manages ‘effortlessly cool’, perhaps it is Shoreditch. In the shadow of the City of London financial district, this east London community is home to all manner of creative agencies, and is the night out of choice for many musicians and artists. Shoreditch stopped being a ‘well kept secret’ long ago, so don’t expect rates to be cheap, but if you want to work among trend setters, rather than followers, it could be the place for you.

4. DalstonĀ 

Dubbed ‘the new Shoreditch’, as a result of its neighbouring area’s popularity, Dalston itself has become a breeding ground for young creatives, such as graphic designers, who can’t quite afford the rates closer to the City. For this reason, you might find yourself an office at cut price, while still being well placed for meetings in Zone 1 or a post work drink down on the High Street.

5. Islington

Another place known for its lively High Street, Islington is a cool spot which is just outside Zone 1, giving office owners the opportunity to place themselves close to central districts such as Holborn and Clerkenwell, without paying the same rates. No less than 15,000 start-ups were begun in Islington in 2017 alone, giving you an idea of the grass roots business community which is in development just north of the City. With excellent transport links and near proximity to Kings Cross and Euston train stations, potential customers and contacts from out of town don’t have to go far.

There are brokers like who list all serviced offices in London, as well as providers like WeWork, BE and so on who actually provide the space themselves.

So that is our round up of some trendy areas of London for work. While logistics and value can obviously be very influential in choosing a work location, don’t underestimate the positive effect of the buzz which you can feel in these happening districts.